How to be the ultimate host... with the ultimate TV

If you’re expecting a roomful of friends, they’ll need entertaining, feeding and watering, and being kept comfortable. Here's how you can keep them coming back again and again…

The TeleVision

If you want the ultimate viewing experience, you’ll need the ultimate TV. The Panasonic VIERA AX802 Series of 4K televisions will give you exactly that. All the expertise from Panasonic’s award-winning television ranges has been poured into this eye-poppingly high-quality screen. With an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (that’s 8,294,400 in total), it packs in four times as many pixels as a regular Full HD screen – which means unrivalled detail, incredibly immersive detail and depth, and amazing subtlety. Every blade of grass, every bead of sweat and every face in the crowd will stand out like never before. And with Freetime on-board, which provides content from BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, you’ll never miss another moment.


It’s TV like you’ve never experienced before – anywhere. For more information, click here.

The seating

You can’t expect people to sit cross-legged on the floor while you sprawl in the middle of the sofa, stuffing your face and hogging all the room.

Lay on a few more comfortable chairs, please – and don’t forget a beanbag or two for the unexpected arrivals. Worried about placing them off to the side? Don’t be: the AX820’s wide 176-degree viewing angle means they’ll be able to see everything on the screen pretty much wherever they sit.

The snacks

All that standing up, cheering, arguing with the referee and miming the perfect header burns calories. So, of course, you and your friends will need fuel. You could delve into the stack of pizza menus by the phone, but where’s the fun in that? Try your hand at cooking some great Brazilian dishes like Feijoada (a delicious beef and pork stew) Coxinha (deep-fried chicken salad drumsticks) or pineapple, prawn and okra salad.

And while you’re in the kitchen serving up, you’ll still be able to hear the action from the VIERA’s punchy 2.1-channel speakers. (Or use TV Anywhere to stream content from the screen to your tablet or smartphone if you’re going to be out for a while – so you’ll never miss a moment. All you need is a home network.)

Oh, and don’t forget the crisps. Lots and lots of crisps.

The drinks

It goes without saying that you need to stay hydrated. And there’s nothing wrong with water and fizzy pop. But if you want something a little bit sharper, try Brazil’s national cocktail: the Caipirinha. You’ll need a bottle of cachaça (a rum-like liquor made from sugar cane), limes and brown sugar. Cut half a lime into four wedges and mash it up with two teaspoons of sugar. Fill a glass with ice and add 50ml of cachaça. Bingo. Can’t find cachaça? Use vodka instead and make it a Caipiroska. Then you can use the half-time break to video-chat with friends via the VIERA’s built-in camera… and make them jealous of your amazing mixing skills.

The conversation

Every major sporting event, watched with friends, eventually degenerates into big involved discussions about who was right, who was wrong, who was offside, who should’ve been out LBW, which car clipped the other… so make sure you’re armed with all the info you need to set the record straight.

Chances are, though, that you don’t have the space for (or the inclination to collect) the collected laws from every sport in the world ever? You could do a lot worse than pausing the match on live TV and having a quick search on the AX802’s built-in web browser to finally settle that argument and get on with watching the game…

The half-time entertainment

Sure, you could spend that 15 minutes listening to dry analysis from ex-footballers wearing too-tight silver trousers. Or you could launch a game and get in a quick battle before the real players get started again – so make sure that console is all ready to be fired up.

The VIERA AX802's picture is a stunner here, thanks to its high-quality contrast handling; smooth, clear image during fast-paced action; and upscaling of the picture to glorious Ultra HD.

The 4K Ultra HD Panasonic VIERA AX802 Series pushes the boundaries of picture quality. With four times as many pixels as the equivalent-size Full HD television, it packs in staggering amounts of detail and clarity – combined with the kind of subtlety and finesse you’d expect from a Panasonic TV.

Then there’s the colour. The new high-colour-space LED backlight and Studio Master Colour tech mean the AX802 can reproduce accurate colours, even in dark scenes at low brightness levels and with low saturation. It’s so good, in fact, that THX – the standard-bearer for cinematic quality – has given the AX802 series a coveted 4K Display Certificate. That means the TV is capable of reproducing colours exactly as the movie directors intended… and exactly how you should be seeing them.

When it comes to content, you’re spoiled for choice – even if you decide to stick with broadcast TV only.

Twin HD tuners mean you can watch one channel while recording another to a USB device; watch a recording while recording something else; or watch one channel while sending another to your smartphone or tablet – anywhere in the world. So even if there’s more than one game on at a time, you needn’t miss a minute.


The Freetime service also lets you access thousands of hours of programming from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 over the past seven days. And not only that, you’ll also get daily programme recommendations – so you’ll never be stuck for something to watch.


It’s smart, too. A world’s worth of on-demand content awaits on the many services available via the AX802’s network connection, including NETFLIX, and the my Stream service even suggests personalised content from them all.


The Panasonic VIERA AX802 series is TV like you’ve never seen it. The ultimate viewing experience for the ultimate host.


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